Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Miracles have yet to Cease!!

Yes, I know, it is a miracle. Once you all pull yourselves up off the floor and can finish reading I will tell you what we have been up to lately. (Cami and Kristine I'm glad you are working out so your hearts will be able to handle the shock!)

Since it has been so long I will have to go back into the old memory bank and pull out some of the exciting things we've done.

We moved!!! Yep don't be's only been almost 2 years. We have been enjoying our time in our new environment. I think we have all adjusted. The Don (spanish for man of the house) loves his job and gets to learn, learn and learn. He loves being able to take different training courses that teaches him more and more. I call it job security. Though some of the classes require him to travel. One meeting will take him to Vienna. Yes, he's got it rough.

The eldest child will be 16 next week. She has really enjoyed her new school and friends. She plays high school soccer and is doing track as well. She stays busy with band and various other activites. Not too excited about the up coming dating possibilities but that is still a few years off! She did begin driving and has been doing much better. She passed her permit test on the first try. I hear that's pretty impressive.

The Twerp is enjoying his new surroundings. He made the middle school boys softball team last fall and the soccer team this spring. He is also playing baseball this spring. He keeps busy with scouts as well.

This younger two enjoy school and playing. They played soccer in the fall and baseball this spring. They seem to like school and have made new friends.

The mom entered back into the work force this last year and is working at a preschool two days a week. It has been a fun job and still allows for her full time job our house keeper, taxi driver, and referee and short order cook. Some jobs she does better than others.

We have had a fun time being out in the east. We have taken a few trips into the big city of our nations capitol. We had fun last July 4th when we watched the fireworks over the Washington Monument. We experienced an earthquake and hurricane all in one week...and survived! Needless to say we keep it exciting.

There you have it. A quick summary of our last 3 years! In 3 more years check back and see what else has happened. Ok maybe I can do better than 3 years. We'll see.


Lyndie said...

Back from the dead! Since I don't facebook I randomly check your blog just hoping that something new will pop up. It is a MIRACLE!! By the way, it was good seeing you and Sheila!